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Please don’t stay close

In love I might overdose

Make me believe you’re invisible

So I may no longer feel feeble.


Your angelic face will be ignored,

I won’t listen to my heart’s clamor,

I’ll look no more into those hypnotizing eyes

For it had caused me my demise.


Falling for you was easy

But I didn’t know it could be this messy

Now this heart that’s shattered

Leaves me no option but to shudder.


Memories of you make just one sense                         

It reminds me that I’ve become so dense

How could I have held on for so long?

When I knew from the start that to me you won’t belong


I find no comfort in your smile

Coz soon you’d walk with her on the aisle

So I’d better let go of you

And this feeling that is already overdue.


It haven’t been that long,

Aware that I am not that strong,

I only ask of you to do what I please

From this haunting feeling let me be released.


Time has come for delusions to end

And for this wretched heart to mend

Having to stop loving you is hard

So I’m asking you not to distract me while I’m on guard.


One wrong move on my part

Will lead to you re-owning my heart

Coz I am just a neophyte in this art

And the scar you gave me left an indelible mark.

I submitted this to leaveyouapen but I can’t reblog or like it. T_T

I just wanted to thank him for featuring my poems. :)  I discovered this blog about a year ago when one of the blogs I’m following reblogged his post calling all poetic people to submit their works. I decided I might as well just try my luck. 

So this time, he is one again calling all poetic people to submit their works. For more information, click here

If Only I Could

I’d paint your face with all the vibrant color there is

Capture your terrific smile on the camera

And put your photograph next to my bedside table

We could dance to the rhythm of our heartbeats

Or to the song I’d written only for your pleasure

I’d cook your favorite dish and sprinkle it with love

And just before the sun rises for another day

I’d sing you my sweetest goodnight


All these I offer to only thee

To tell you of my unrequited love

Of feelings long been kept in the shadows

Of moments I dreamed existed

All these I would gladly do for you

If only impossibility never existed

Yet perhaps I can do something else…

I could write you poems tainted with my being

And stories of memories of you and me

I will write you more nonsense bits and pieces like this

Or let my heart overflow and take control of the pen

All these I offer to only thee

If that’s my only shot at making you mine.

Lone Witness

I saw life drain away from her eyes

As the cold metal touched her wrist

Tiny droplets of blood from ruined arteries

Bed sheet soaked in bright red

A body sleeping peacefully

I saw her desperate move to escape this world

Felt her pain and struggle to belong

But I didn’t stop her, couldn’t in fact

For fear had enveloped me

It’s nonsense to stop her now

For what’s left of her is naught

I can do nothing for I have no power

I am merely a translucent being

Freed from the confines of that girl’s lying body

Here and now, I would wander

Bearing witness to life and death

Waiting Til that auspicious  day comes

When I’ll be pulled to the next dimension

*A poem for those who preferred to end their lives rather than to fight for it. May you find the peace that you have not achieved while you were in the world of the living.

Opposite Direction

Others have moved forward

But I dare not do so

They travelled as fast as the light

Yet I chose to take it slow…

They called me a loser,

I just didn’t respond

They slapped me with their accomplishments

Cursing me for not making any progress.

Every now and then they would complain

Oh how tiresome their lives could get!

I couldn’t suppress a laugh…

You see, I’ve been there before.

They’ve chosen the same path like the others

While opted the one less travelled by,

I’ve had enough of fame and pressure

I decided it’s time to go on a hiatus.



i want to feel your heart
in soil turned
to fertilize new dreams.

i want to see your smile
in opaque reflections
bright suns see fit
to shine.

i want to see your eyes
capture my heart
and enclose them there
in depths
only souls can reach.

i want to hear your voice
in whispers urgent
encapsulated in synapses
by rushed breath
and damp ears.

i want your soul
to bleed
like mine does —
quick & careless, but
she got a good beat
and you can dance to it.

i want

(Source: jayarrarr)

The Unlucky One

Chasing butterflies that forever keeps on eluding me

Wishing reality was better than my dreams

Loving someone who would never take notice of me

Why can’t things go the way I want them to be?


Luck never seem to favour me

Destiny planned that I’d always be second in line

Or even worse, the loser watching the winner take my dreams away

I’m tired of not getting what I want


I’m a performer in life’s tiresome circus

Of the million performers, who would dare notice me?

Ordinary, plain, simple…not worth their attention

Never had I heard of anyone who shouted my name and applauded for me


Bringing bad luck to whoever crosses my path

Begging for people’s love, care and attention

Hoping, and struggling to prove myself worthy

I am the second option. The loser. The Unlucky One. 

Screaming Sirens

Fishermen and sailors missing

Families crumbling at the seams

Will the lost ones ever return?

Or are there even hope left to endure?

They set sail one sunny day

Dark had fallen but their loved ones kept waiting

On the sea they were caught alive

By vicious creatures clothed with beauty

Enchanting and captivating faces

Close to perfect body figures

They’re too tempting to resist

And when they open their mouths, beware!

Exception rather than the rule

Nobody taught they could exist

They belong to an unknown genus

Those deprived of angelic voices

On sea those fishermen and sailors faced their doom

With bleeding eardrums they sank to the ocean floor

Only the wind and the sea would know the truth

How this ill-fated creatures died suffering from intolerable noise

Man of Mystery

There’s a man sitting in a room, looking lonesome

He’s not ugly nor handsome

He’s not one to capture your attention instantly

But later on, he’ll make you ask him questions hesitantly.


He’s one who seldom speak

The kind of silence that would make you wonder 

    if he’s proud or meek

But in the rare occasions he open his mouth

What escape his lips are words that doesn’t hint of doubt.


He have eyes that are expressionless

Not the type that would leave you breathless

Are those eyes full of sadness and pain?

Or does it tell of happiness that would make him go insane?


A weird feeling overcomes me when I see him around

It seems that he’d built walls separating him from the crowd

I won’t wonder why he’s always solitary

But it makes me wish he have friends, even if momentary.


Nobody had ever intrigued me this way

It only makes me uneasy each passing day

There’s only one way I could be relieved of this misery…

That’s when I finally get to decipher his unique mystery .

Game Over

If love is a game, your heart would be the prize

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the sole player

Many are competing for your attention

But one special girl would stand out from the rest


Of the many aspirants circling you,

Somebody from the audience caught your sight

From that moment on, your eyes adore only her

How could I compete with a rival like her?


A friend turned rival, it may seem

I know how interesting she is

And very much aware that I don’t stand a chance against her

How lucky is she!


Her angelic face could launch a thousand ships

A beauty like hers could easily draw attention

No wonder you have your eyes locked on her

I was blind not to notice that



More than her looks, she is gifted

Blessed with talents that I dreamt I have

The spotlight’s focuses on her

I appear like a mere backup dancer in her show


She could sing you songs in perfect tune and precise notes

Or even hum you to sleep and dream of her

But I can’t do that, if only I could

The skies would protest and beg for me not to stop


What should I do to capture your attention?

Perhaps I could write you poems like this

Yet I know she could do the same or maybe even better

In everything that I do, she excels better than me


The game’s winner is very obvious

There’s nothing I can do to change the results

All I have to do is accept the fact you’re not for me

And just wait ‘til that destined one comes my way


But there isn’t any game at all

I admire you a lot

That I even thought I was in love with you

It took a long before I realized I was in love with someone else, not you.


I still envy that lucky girl you’re in love with, though,

Not because I’m jealous for she had the part that I thought I wanted

But because she have almost everything I wanted

In the end, she is still my friend and never a rival

Forget Me Not

Forget me not when you’re feeling blue

I’ll be there to wipe your tears away

I’ll give you my ears to listen

And I’ll be your hero saving you from the meadow of distress.


Forget me not when you’re alone

I’ll be there to sit by your side

Forget me not when you can’t speak your thoughts

I’ll be your voice in front of thousand crowds.


Forget me not when you’re in danger

I’ll give you my strength to carry on

I’ll be your courage to fight

And I’ll take the pain your bruises might give


Forget me not when you swim into the deepest ocean of  bliss

When you climb the highest mountain of misery

Forget me not cause I am your Lord

And I’ll always be with you in every second of your life…


The Envious One

The One who wasn’t born to shine like the stars in the dark night

The unlucky maiden who knows nothing but to fight

In her despair to take a rest, decided to have a flight

She stopped by a place whose breathtaking scenery is such a delight

In the open gates she stood frozen, amazed by what is laid before her sight

People whose majestic beauty’s incomparable even to the most beautiful night

Gifted and skilled they are at everything, and the young maiden’s body became tight

For the world is unjust and life is not fair, human as she is, to contest the natural is not a right

All she wanted is to be the best, on top of that great height

But she is Just average, like a cliché, never enough to give a new insight

Tears began to fall from her eyes, those she kept for years with all her might

She used to put on a happy mask, but now, she need not pretend she’s still alright

Then the young maiden turned her back, still envious of how they shine bright

And she continued with her own fight and made herself believe that everything was just a once-upon-a-time told in the coldest night